For immediate release: Dear Matt Myers, President of Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids




Ohio, 25th September 2016

Dear Matt Myers, President of Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids:

As I am sure you are aware, public health and tobacco control organizations must posture themselves with efforts to play a fictitious lead role in tackling the tobacco pandemic, which causes the death of 480,000 US citizens every year. This is without factoring all the suffering, disability and personal tragedy linked to tobacco use along with millions of dollars in funding, none of which can ever be quantified.

I, as a citizen of the United States, would like to express my strong concern for your valiant efforts to keep Americans smoking, and your lack of participation or interest for invaluable e-cigarette research that has taken place in England and many other countries.

I also could not help but notice you are heavily and blatantly sponsored directly by or in partnerships with medical associations, pharmaceuticals and medical industry along with front groups such as your founder, the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, and of course the American Heart, Lung and Cancer Associations.

All of these groups, as you are also aware, irresponsibly supported regulation of vaping products as tobacco. Amazingly, not one national health or tobacco control organization has had the integrity to stand up for public health.

As you might not have noted,  a highly responsible and growing group of professionals from the medical profession and tobacco control, who are not afraid to speak to each other, or speak for the welfare of smokers, are with a group called M.O.V.E. (1).

On its own, Public Health England (2), and the highly respected Royal College of Physicians (3), have been supporting vaping products for tobacco harm reduction for quite some time, stating at least 95% less harm, staking their professional reputations and titles on these facts.

  1. M.O.V.E.
  2. A_report_commissioned_by_Public_Health_England.
  3. Expert independent review concludes that e-cigarettes have potential to help smokers quit.


As you are involved with an organization having unstable credibility at best, you should be placing smokers’ health and well-being as the highest priority. Your lobbying and backroom deals for tobacco companies best interests involving the Master Settlement Agreement and the Family Smoking and Tobacco Control Act shows a conflict of interest dripping with corrupt activities.


The involvement directly related to the pharmaceutical industry has been misleading and deceiving the general public for many decades and “could be” not only detrimental to your reputation but also the notoriety of your affiliated associations and institutions.


When informed about the staggering evidence of tobacco harm reduction (4), and ease in which smokers are switching to a much less harmful alternative (5), to combustible tobacco, some organizations like yourself have immediately ignored any and all correspondence towards one answer, less harm.


Now that these connections are clearly established and brought to your attention, I call on you to to disengage from denying information to smokers in the United States, deceiving them with misinformation (6), propaganda like “Think of the children“, and being the self-serving catalyst responsible for the 480,000 deaths per year from smoking from this moment on.



4. Top tobacco control experts to FDA: Studies of e-cigs suggest more benefit than harm

5. We Don’t Need ‘Decades of Research’ to Know Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking

6. Withholding differential risk information on legal consumer nicotine/tobacco products: The public health ethics of health information quarantines


You, Matt Myers, are at the forefront and part of the cause of the tobacco epidemic that is crippling our communities and targeting the most vulnerable smokers from switching. You need to embrace your professional and well paid position of alleged authority and vow to no longer be involved with an industry which has fundamentally irreconcilable interests from public health and welfare.


I know I will slow this pandemic of tobacco to a crawl without your ulterior motives, effectively allowing adult smokers to make the choice to switch to a less harmful alternative with proper and educated information.


I hope that your participation in the highly profitable pharmaceutical and tobacco control “end-game” has just been an oversight, a simple misunderstanding all these years. I’ll expect you to rectify and remedy this immediately.


If not, it is imperative for you to cease and desist any and all tobacco control activities until you get your head out of your ass.




Without respect or regret,
Kevin Crowley



Reducing smoking, a challenging “Campaign” for Tobacco Free Kids


This is coming here.







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More to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.



Reducing smoking, a challenging campaign for Tobacco Free Kids


The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids (CFTK) has shown a rare glimpse into the desperate reach it wants to have with one of the finest examples of illiteracy in tobacco harm reduction. 

CTFK and the European Network for Smoking and Tobacco Prevention (ENSP) have joined together asserting themselves with this letter to Dr Christopher Russell presumably not meant for public consumption.

There was no concern for harm reduction in any form in the letter and was not an attainable goal or option. No mention of “how do we come and learn as well” or “sounds like there may be some valuable information extracted from this conference.” With typical Matt Myers “tobacco control” style, only intimidation, control, and manipulation were a concern.

Disapproval is of the highest order from these organizations to Dr. Russell for planning to attend the Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum (GTNF).


Concern for Dr. Russell and his impeccable professional credibility seemed to be the focus in their letter. In my mind, they’ve been the recipient of this paragraph at some point.

It needs to be read back to THEM in court:


I didn’t know who “ENSP” even was until a day or so ago. I do, however, know who the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids “is”.







I won’t bore you with all the details of my “meta-analysis” of this corrupt and unacceptable letter, I’ll leave that to these four five six & seven:



Clive Bates

To listen to someone, you don’t need to uncritically accept everything they say, but I have definitely gained insight from listening to them. I am also open to and welcome challenge and I’m prepared to have my owned received wisdom shaken up. I will accept good arguments if I hear them, whoever makes them.

The wilful ignorance of tobacco control McCarthyites



Vaping 360; Jim McDonald:

Of course, it’s okay for CTFK’s Matt Myers to talk with Big Tobacco companies. He secretly negotiated the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act with attorneys from Philip Morris (now Altria). For all his tobacco-free huffing and puffing, Myers’ backroom negotiations managed to result in a law that guaranteed the tobacco industry’s long-term health and profitability. One senator called Matt Myers’ handiwork the “Marlboro Protection Act.”

Scientist’s career threatened by anti-tobacco organization


Carl V. Phillips

If you want to get mad about something, definitely do so. But make sure it is the right thing: the 99% of available research funds that have a political litmus test attached; the use of those and other funds to blackmail institutions into censoring other researchers

CTFK threatens researchers but who cares


Dr. Sally Satel:

Shameless Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Tries to Censor Researchers



By Dr Farsalinos:

Public health has been divided into two opposing groups (pro and against harm reduction) which never meet or participate in the same conference to exchange ideas and present their arguments collectively in an honest, open and public debate. Is this what public health and smokers deserve? Is this going to solve the problem of smoking? Is this scientific progress?

Public health urgently needs a “new deal”

Added 9/27/16

AND now from Neil McKeganey Ph.D. Christopher Russell Ph.D. themselves:

Why Academics Should Resist Pressure to Disengage with the Tobacco Industry

Thank you to Dr. Christopher Russell for the work you DO, and for allowing the world to see ineptitude from what is supposed to be authority by both ENSP and CTFK.

Here are results of just one of Dr. Russell’s surveys. NOTE it says Tobacco Harm Reduction.

Tobacco Harm Reduction, Vaping & E-Cigarettes

“In other news”

I wrote a letter to the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids.

Someone had to, I chose me.

For immediate release: Dear Matt Myers, President of Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids



Because this was directly a tobacco industry study, we shall wait for the “experts” to stake their claim:

BAT claims Ecig emissions 92-99% safer than cigarettes


Speaking of manipulation:

How the FDA Manipulates the Media


A top journalist is suing the FDA over its alleged use of a banned and secretive practice to manipulate the news


E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

If you are a Professional  go HERE.



Graphic credit & thank you to The Vaper!


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More to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.


Is Public Health challenged about ecigs?


Public Health Experts:

Don’t take this personally, but listening increases your credibility. If you feel your job is to “inform” the public in a public format such as twitter about e-cigarettes, then expect the public to be listening. Having a title before OR after your name does not give you all access to intelligence-land. There are no guarantees we’ll be impressed.

You see, the arrogance of “always being right” in your chosen profession seems to have a direct correlation with your ability to have common sense. I know this may be a challenge, and I believe in you. Try harder. You can do this! I’m here to help.

I know, I know – there’s a bunch of self-indulgent pride among your other experts. Boot lickers beneath you in some instances. We are not, and do not find it in our hearts to be impressed. I’m calling that the stethoscope syndrome, because after all, this is a family show.

Oftentimes an expert will make a claim and just assume we will nod our head in agreement because that’s what YOU think we’re supposed expected to do because you have a title. Put that way before you hurt yourself. Let us take a moment to get past that, shall we?

We’ll cover “earning our respect” in a bit.

All set?

Good. Moving on.

Public Health

Public health refers to “the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals.” according to Wikipedia

  • Science and art of preventing disease
  • Prolonging life and promoting health through organized efforts

Here’s the important part

  • informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals

None of that says control, judge or presume. It most certainly did not leave communities and individuals looking in a window like children.

We don’t care about your opinion. It is not necessary. We have a hard time with using the phrase “yes, your majesty”.

May I suggest you see Clive Bates and his astounding assessment of your responsibilities for dealing with the public? Good. That is called

Memo to public health grandees: vaping, vapers and you.


Be Decisive!

If you want to tweet about e-cigarettes, I expect you to be engaging. It’s for your own good, really. You can choose to engage as a public health expert. Once you do, I’ll expect you to pay close attention. To listen. MOST of us will entertain a good and fair assessment with you and your dispute, if you have one, AND do it without what usually is claimed: harassment.

I am trying to keep you from looking stupid because I care about you and your well being. Once you’ve made a stance – good or bad, stick with it. Don’t sway. Don’t sit in the middle. We like clear positions. That way, we can accept or dismiss anything else you say. Really.

We are the public

Did you find a study that looks like it may be worth telling us to go back to smoking? Think about it before you hit that button! We use these devices, and they have changed our lives. We are knowledgeable. What I don’t know, someone else does.

We are a GLOBAL network of people who have reduced or stopped our tobacco use. By choice. We research harder for good – and bad –  than you think the public is able to. We want to know more about it than you because we USE THESE DEVICES. Our lives depend on it, and we can’t always depend on YOU. We can link science, data, reference material.

We all have personal stories you don’t want to hear. We assume you are misinformed at first. We all can recite and predict what you’ll tweet next, and it always ends with nicotine, children or don’t know enough. Then, the mute or block button becomes a choice.

We’re not trying to harass. We’re trying to engage. We are the public. We have MANY members of the twitter community who are Scientists, Doctors, Chemists, Nurses, and are in other facets of “public health”. Most of them were once like you.

The difference? They listened to us and understood what we said. Some, in fact are here at M.O.V.E. as well.

Here’s HOW and WHY Jim McManus changed his mind on e-cigarettes.

The public in public health.

I’ve devised a few rules and information for you to follow to help you on your journey to being a better expert. That’s why I’m here. I care. I’m concerned about both your reputation and well being. I want to stress to you that I am also under pressure to be right ALL the time. (That’s me below – @vapingit)



It’s not easy, and boy do I eat humble pie on occasion. (I like pie.)  My own twitter peers, full of vinegar and nicotine, will tweet me up side the head when it’s deserved. (Some of them can be evil!) SO, in good fun and at times, boredom, I will tweet you back with a smart-ass remark once I’ve determined you’re not worth the paper your degree is printed on.

If we are wrong, we are wrong. Don’t pretend we’re unintelligent or misinformed. Don’t talk DOWN to us. Earn our respect. Tell us why. The information highway, it seems, is public health’s worst nightmare.


Get a pen. There is SO much to learn, I don’t want to overwhelm or burden you, so we’ll go with the basic package for now.

  • If you don’t know the difference between combustion and non-combustion, stop, turn off your computer and talk to your cat.
  • Tobacco harm reduction, less harm is the goal, it is the purpose. (See “public health definition” above.)
  • Dual use” IS less USE. ENCOURAGE new users.
  • Don’t use the word “anecdote” in any form. We don’t like that.
  • Smokers ARE allowed to smoke.
  • If you want people to smoke, say so. It makes it much less confusing.
  • If it is about public health, and that is THE most important thing, act like it.
  • If it is about you suddenly being embarrassed because you’ve overstepped your knowledge, see Clive again from above here.
  • Don’t discredit yourself with claims unless you KNOW what you’re talking about.
  • Don’t use *phrases like “what about the children” or “we don’t know enough”(see below) or “wibblewords”  like may, could, might.
  • Side step the urge to say nicotine is a problem. You don’t think nicotine is addictive, do you? If so, you should be taking that up with Johnson & Johnson.
  • Do not under any circumstances use Glantz, Chapman in the same sentence as “credible”.
  • Refrain from using the words “long term“. It makes us giggle.
  • It is discouraged to use or quote The Centers for Disease Control, Heart, Lung & Cancer associations along with ANY of their satellite offices and Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, Truth Initiative and any other “Tobacco Control” entities. They have NO interest in reducing tobacco.
  • There is no such thing as UNICORNS.


Do NOT underestimate us.


“The straight-forward principles of harm reduction should be as uncontroversial for tobacco products as they are for alcohol, cars, air travel, children’s clothing, sexual practices, electrical goods and other goods and activities – until such time as there is compelling, proportionate evidence of imminent danger to public health overall that would ethically justify promoting health illiteracy with respect to these legal products.”

That is below here:

Withholding differential risk information on legal consumer nicotine/tobacco products: The public health ethics of health information quarantines





Quick visuals!




FREE BONUS GRAPHIC!!! No extra cost!



I (or someone else) might may make an example of you.

Please note these few examples of blogs from when “I” have seen unprofessional conduct. You may recognize some of these names. They’ve been around a while. They need to go.


Centers for Disease Control’s Director Tom “Skippy” Frieden

Australia’s tobacco control “expert” & resident *mangy chimp, Professor Simon Chapman.

Americas favorite Meta-Analysis mechanic & punchline for “expert”, Professor Stanton Glantz.

This one’s fresh: Professor, Nurse & Editor of BMJ Tobacco Control: Ruth Malone

*Thank you, Broony!

Finally, please remember,

public display is public.

The reputation you save may be your own.





Finally, there are resources for public health. If I can find it, YOU can find it.

“Can’t find it” is no excuse for you. It is unprofessional and unacceptable. If you’re the expert, act like it! At minimum, hop down from your tower and ask US where you CAN find it. Not all of us bite.



E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

If you are a Professional  go HERE.


Final public health homework:

Play this less than 2 minute video from A Billion Lives.


Got myself a bit of advice for my “vape mates” about this blog from Marita Hefler, who is
“News ed BMJ Tobacco Control, Menzies School of Health Research, Syd Uni.”,  and I’ve included my responses.



  • Tobacco harm reduction, less harm is the goal, it is the purpose. (See “public health definition” above).


The tweet I added my “advice” to is just below.

You can decide if the document within the SEATCA tweet below shows any harm reduction efforts being employed here:

You can see the if the SEATCA mission statement shows any harm reduction here.








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You can find me here on  Twitter

More to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.


*Photo courtesy Big Bacon Morris. If it is in violation of copyright law or used without permission, please let me know and I will remove it immediately.



This blog was brought to you by a world of alleged good intentions and the hashtag #pubht.




Photo credit Lindsay Fox via :

We need to SHOW NO MERCY with the FDA and ANYONE or ANY “organization”, politician, or group supporting regulations.


Has vaping “saved your life”?

I hear that, now act like that. Advocacy, or activism, is an absolute necessity. I remember when it wasn’t “cool” to be an advocate…. when much fewer understood the words “regulate, restrict, tax & ban”, especially in the United States.

I remember someone saying quite some time ago that I was “over the top” on twitter. I understood the perception. It’s all good. I still think I’m too nice. The “good vaper”. 🙂


How much aggression is too much when something saved your life and shops are now CLOSING.

If you’ve come around to the dark side, good. I’ve seen evidence of that in some Facebook groups and I’m giddy.

If you haven’t, pay attention. It’s deep, dark and well within the realms of hell here, folks.

Two distinct videos have appeared this week. First, from A Billion Lives. This film is an indisputable and extraordinary part of this fight. It’s an INDEPENDENT film. NO Hollywood backing. PLEASE, show them some support.



Intrigued? WANT them in your market? GO HERE to Phil.

Public perception and legal battles are the two components we have right now. Evidently, there are some others paying attention. Is it “too little to late”? I DON’T think so, and I’m not shutting UP. You?

This one from the Capital Research Center surprisingly crossed my eye this morning. Dr. Steven J. Allen does have some points of the CDC, creating vaping products with the rise of “tobacco use” being contrived at best. “Whodathunkit”:


And they HAVE.


Speaking of showing NO MERCY:


Dimitris Agrafiotis

is one person showing no mercy. He just came back from China speaking to manufacturers about our FIGHT. He’s here speaking about the predicate date and the URGENCY of the Cole-Bishop Amendment.

About our safe word, Dimi.

Stefan Didak

is out in sunny California, where evil resides, (Glantz & Leno, not Stefan) there is Prop 56. Stefan Didak cannot, by nature, show mercy and is another fighting with

Where is my bobblehead-doll?

Greg Conley

is another of the MANY frequent Miles High vaping club, he is friggin’ EVERYWHERE, and is with the American Vaping Association. He HAS NO MERCY and is with others are getting ready for the FIGHT.

I think that’s him knocking at your door as we speak, Surgeon General. Get the door.



There are THOUSANDS of advocates showing no mercy. I couldn’t possibly name them all.

If you can’t donate money, donate your time. WRITE your congressman. MAKE phone calls. TALK to your friends, family, the neighbors dog or anyone else who are non-smokers. Make some NOISE.


Join CASAA, the Vaping Militia,  join a state group.

DO SOMETHING. NOW. SHOW everyone else “vaping saved my life”.

David Goerlitz said “the gloves are off”. I’m with David. The FDA and ANYONE supporting regulations, needs to go DOWN for the count.






THESE are national consumer and industry organizations in the United States who keep US informed.

You can find me here on Facebook

You can find me here on  Twitter

E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

If you are a Medical Professional  go HERE.

Full article from Capital Research *1st video above here:

The e-cigarette ban: A win for liars and big tobacco.

Full article on Fat Cat Vapors via here:

Chris Hughes fights the power in Pennsylvania

More to come!

Keep ON #Vaping On.


Alice in TobaccoLand.




According to Wikipedia, Tobacco control “is a field of international public health science, policy and practice dedicated to addressing tobacco use and thereby reducing the morbidity and mortality it causes”.

Let me break that down.

Public health science.  It also says practice.

Dedicated to addressing tobacco use via public health science, policy and practice.

Thereby reducing morbidity and mortality it causes.

It says mortality, not morality.


If the morality on vaping products doesn’t cease, the mortalities will continue.



Down the rabbit hole.

There are hundreds of organizations dedicated to addressing tobacco use. Those organizations are normally funded, among other thing by tobacco use. The Master Settlement Agreement, taxes, government grants and funding by pharmaceuticals trying convincing researchers to see “their side” so the FDA will trust & approve it are all part of the bigger picture. Don’t want any of them chasing us down the rabbit hole now, do we?


Let us have some tea, shall we?



Tobacco control for the cessation world, involves “approved methods”, counseling, quit lines & other mythical suggestions in tobacco-land such as the always encouraging “quit or die”, you’re not trying hard enough… as smokers travel down the stop smoking hole…

Along come vaping products. Contested? Hot topic? Absolutely. Proof? Yep. Doubts? As far as your fingers can tweet or read in the media in the U.S.A..


It seems simple, really. Less tobacco use by smokers with an alternative in ANY way possible by anyone in the public health field, or by organizations like the Heart, Lung or Cancer associations…would be immediately and swiftly encouraged……well – that, my readers seems to be a fairy tale.

On to “Alice”.


To be balanced there has been some tweeting of vaping products as an alternative. I can’t possibly search for them all, but DID get a “maybe” here in 2015.



Here, in 2014, there was “waiting on evidence”.



Smokers falling a long way seem to always land in a hall with many locked doors….and a table appears… with concoctions and promises of cures to the smoker trying to stop with “try me” and “use as directed” and “FDA approved”. What do they feel, those trying so hard?


Without success, a smoker is shamed regardless of the method chosen. (That is Tobacco Control training 101, is it not?)  Shamed, by everyone and their brother – who have been taught that forEVER.


Despite the EFFORT to cease tobacco use, the tobacco plant has nicotine. The cigarette has -how many other- chemicals that also MAKE tobacco addictive by design. Nicotine itself is not addictive, but the world doesn’t know – because they’ve been taught that as well… so they offer nicotine “replacement” therapies. (Love that word “therapy”).


After multiple attempts for various reasons – be it poor health, children, mortality sinking in, whatever the personal decision was to try -the quit attempt fails or is aborted and the tobacco control machine turns to spin cycle. Round & round the smoker goes, falling down the rabbit hole.


We don’t know enough -about- long term effects. We know enough despite our own government’s challenge of regulations – we’ve stopped smoking -many accidentally- in a way NO other product or advice has come close to succeeding with on our journey down the hole. We communicate with each other via twitter, facebook and more. Learning daily. Empowered, making an impact.

As for long term effects? Well – we’re not smoking – if it were EXACTLY the same risk – I certainly wouldn’t have a blog.



Know enough, Alice. Make a commitment. Part of the perils of knowing enough is learning as much as you can, without bias and being able to relay that knowledge to others seeking information.

Speaking fluently with truth and conviction, will come naturally.



Long term:



What is your definition of a long term study?


Supportive & hopeful methods are applied here.



The Pool of Tears

“Alice swims through her own tears and meets a mouse, who is swimming as well. She tries to make small talk with him in elementary French –  but her opening gambit “Où est ma chatte?” (“Where is my cat?”) offends the mouse and he tries to escape her.”






That’s the thing about Alice. Clarity. I’m still not sure how clear she is. I need some more tea!





Pig and Pepper

“The Cheshire Cat appears in a tree, directing her to the March Hare’s house. He disappears, but his grin remains behind to float on its own in the air, prompting Alice to remark that she has often seen a cat without a grin but never a grin without a cat.”





 A Mad Tea-Party

“Alice becomes a guest at a “mad” tea party along with the March Hare, the Hatter, and a very tired Dormouse who falls asleep frequently, only to be violently woken up moments later by the March Hare and the Hatter. The characters give Alice many riddles and stories…”


   I cannot tell.

 Yes. That’s where a consumer could choose an alternative to tobacco.

Not sure about you, but the ‘real world’ is where we are using #e-cigarettes instead of tobacco.


 I’m as authentic as they come. Lorien is also. I troll her more than I troll you.🙂


Ahhh…. nicotine. That’s another of my blogs.

  Potential? Huh. Safer but too early to be so blithely reassuring?

 See – told you Lorien is authentic. Genuine & approved.

 Which are you, proponent or opponent?


Alice, involved in a paper with C. Gartner:

Dueling letters: which one would you sign?


In 2014, DO INDEED was capitalized for emphasis. I appreciate that.


Advice from a Caterpillar

I appreciate the fact that “Alice” is willing to engage with most on twitter. As you know, most of her colleagues will block and never engage.

Simon Chapman and Stan GlANTZ are two examples of (legaleeze: may, might, could) conniving denying monkeys. (Haven’t blogged Capewell or McKee yet.)

Everyone tweets something they regret at one time or another. We’re all human  -except the jury isn’t in on @Entropy72 yet.


This is where I was actually shocked at you. I know from another – personal experience when a professional diagnosis became a lawsuit to a “commoner”. Thing is, we’re professionals just like you. All walks of life, including mental health.

 You took your well deserved lumps.

Then you did it again…….

I couldn’t tell if you were joking on this one any more than I can tell your true position on less harm with vaping products.


So off we go to the final chapter of Alice In TobaccoLand…

Alice’s Evidence

The Queen shouts her familiar “Off with her head!” but Alice is unafraid, calling them out as just a pack of cards, just as they start to swarm over her.


You engage with anecdotal vapers quaintly without making a statement. Teetering on a picket fence without committing. Rocking back and forth. A dangerous line of indecision. I strongly suggest focusing your eyes on the ball. Less tobacco use for the public. I imagine the implications of a “well respected by her peers” professional like yourself facing one of two possibilities.

  1. You’ll be ostracized by them by merely stating the emperor has no cloths. (Think of the thousands of twitter friends you’ll gain!)
  2.  You’ll empower them to take the stand with you, realizing the potential of millions of smokers very lives hang in the frustrating and disillusioned balance.


Either way, you can’t win, I suppose. Indignant irreverence for your own chosen profession, recognizing the “public” in public health and the public it intends to serve -at least at face value- is unacceptable.

You yourself are a Professor, a nurse, an environmental activist. The Editor of BMJ Tobacco Control Journal. You cannot convince me you’re set on sitting in the middle in a rocking chair on a fence. Being pragmatic  <–(funny that link mentions a unicorn) is “real-world application”.

I am the real world. This is not a guessing game, and lives are at stake. TAKE your eyes “OFF the ball” of tobacco for a moment. Vaping products are being regulated, restricted, taxed & banned as if – tobacco control’s livelihood – is at stake. Rather than being accepted as one way to become the end game, it is the ball they have become.

Speak to colleagues – some who are active tobacco control members around the world, all who have professional titles. They aren’t some rogue set of flunkies, they are your counterparts. Colleagues. Each are aiming for the same goal. Tobacco harm reduction. Here, at M.O.V.E..

Once you’ve done so, you can decide which this is. Real harm reduction, where you can join other members of M.O.V.E. and take a stand publicly against the fire and brimstone establishment  – who don’t like to be tested….



Or grab a match… pick your poison… and let the cards fall where they may.





I invited you to the A Billion Lives premier, you respectfully declined.  (I was serious.)

I KNOW they’re going to be in California, I hope you go. Take Glantz with you.

Finally, If I’ve offended you in any way, shape or form, good.

Check Clive’s “Memo to public health grandees: vaping, vapers and you

for reference.

You shouldn’t be offended, though. Did you see what I wrote about Simple Simon Chimpmazee?

<Insert chuckle here>.


I hope you don’t block me and we’ll continue learning from each other.


It is about health, after all.


Speaking of health, this one’s fresh off the Dick Puddlecoat press:

Desperately Seeking Dictatorship.



Ruth Malone:

Via Tobacco Control BMJ






THESE are national consumer and industry organizations in the United States who keep US informed.




E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

If you are a Medical Professional  go HERE.

More to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.





Improved lung function, lower infection rates with vaping products.

photocredit flickr 20 lindsayfox

The choice for smokers is becoming clearer for vaping products. Again. Within a week, two MORE studies have emerged. One shows improved lung function, the other – lower infection rates among users. While claiming they want harm reduction, organizations and government officials will ignore not be able to find these studies.

The Roswell Park Cancer Institute study was done in 2011 (?) and showed

“For 12 of 17 measured biomarkers, they found significant declines in exposure to toxicants when participants changed from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes. The decline in toxicant levels was similar to the decline seen among tobacco users who quit smoking.”


The other study, found on PubMed (included R. Polosa) stated

“High prevalence of cough/phlegm (43.1%) and shortness of breath (34.8%) was reported at baseline with substantial reduction in their frequency at subsequent follow-up visits. These symptoms virtually disappeared very quickly in both quitters and reducers.

Smokers invited to switch to electronic cigarettes who completely abstained from smoking showed steady progressive improvements in their FEF25-75% Normalization of peripheral airways function was associated with improvement in respiratory symptoms, adding to the notion that abstaining from smoking can reverse tobacco harm in the lung.”




How much longer will the FDA, American Heart, Cancer and Lung Associations and more hold out on lie and withhold this evidence when their “goal” is to reduce smoking?

How will these entities be held accountable?

How many more people will listen to their opinions and accept them as true?

How many will survive long enough to know the truth?

Rhetorical, I know.


This is from Jennifer Berger Coleman, who posed her results of her lung function tests in a Facebook group a week or so ago, and gave me permission to share. (Thank you, Jennifer!) She is also advocating her ass off with letters and talking with co-workers and more.

My favorite kind of anecdote.🙂





Don’t take MY word for better lung function –


Some of us like Jerry run MARATHONS



The Roswell Study is here.

The PRWeb release is here.

I can breathe again


Meanwhile the United States Food & Drug Administration is imposing the deeming rules that began August 8th, 2016 and is already being challenged in court.

PLEASE find more information here:

PLEASE know our enemies here.

PLEASE spread the word about A Billion Lives.



Could someone put a unicorn and some glitter on at least one of these studies and mimeograph them? I’d like Simon Chapman (quit or die) or Stanley Glantz (use approved products) to see the “symptoms virtually disappeared very quickly in both quitters and reducers” just to piss them off.

Paul has a great piece on Unicorns…

More to come!

Keep ON #Vaping On.




Photo courtesy Lindsay Fox.


A Billion Lives. Feel the passion, love your neighbor.



On the 6th of August, the North American Premier of A Billion Lives was scheduled to start at 8:00 P.M. in front of a SOLD OUT audience. Janice & I arrived at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee around 7:15 and the front doors were PACKED. The undercurrent of the crowd was electric and felt before we hit the door.

With great anticipation, we set foot into the sea of people. I guided my way towards the red carpet – to get a glimpse of who may be on it at the moment and realized almost everyone else was thinking the same thing, so –  on our way to the 2nd tier of the beautiful Pabst Theater we went to find our seats.



The electricity of the crowd outside was moving inward and upward in volume. Handshaking – high fives, hugs. Some sitting quietly. I was waiting for the lights to go out. I couldn’t see front rows below well enough to see if Herman Cain or Senator Ron Johnson had indeed come. Fidgety, I got up to grab a coke, checked the time and waited.



Aaron Biebert hit the stage, saying he’d gained about 1,400 friends that night in his hometown of Milwaukee. A bit beyond 8:00 – and the lights dimmed. In watching this film, I was struck with the imagery and tried, very hard, to imagine not knowing a thing. Trying to open my mind as I viewed it from a non-smoker, non-vaper point of view. I didn’t fail miserably, but nonetheless it was a task to try. You know what this movie is ~about~ but you’ll need to see it yourself to know…


If you’re looking for a “review” of the movie, I’ll say this. The flow and narrative of this movie is immaculate. The interviews and points with who is in it is essential – Bill Godshall (Smokefree Pennsylvania). Clive Bates. Dr. Farsalinos. MANY more.


David Goerlitz (The Former Winston Man) hits the screen and is is quite frankly, the thread of this film. It points to the bigger picture of tobacco control, government, public “health” and the corruption far better than I ever could have thought a film could, mightier than any blog I’ve tried to write. There were sharp hisses & boos on occasion as various suspects from the FDA, CDC and more reared their ugly heads on the big screen…


Is that the FIRE alarm? Son OF A…. yes, the fire alarm went off. Aaron grabbed the microphone & said something to the effect of ~ The FDA will stop at nothing to keep the truth from getting out… and with that ~ backed the movie up about five minutes.

Huge people in this film. HUGE points made in this film. The need for the country to see this film – – is nothing less than imperative.

Jan was tired and we slowly made our way down to the lobby – she went to the powder room so I checked the red carpet out – and the backdrop, seeing if anyone was around -I took a couple photos.




While I was doing that – suddenly David Goerlitz is coming around the corner – right in front of me. An all too brief but enjoyable encounter. I also caught Greg Conley coming out of the theater and got to shake his hand. I missed meeting SO many people I wanted to meet, but time & logistics got in the way. I thankfully got to meet a few others from Twitter & Facebook, but I’ll savor that in my own mind.

Instead of hitting the after-party,  we made our way back to the hotel… As I slumped in front of the nightly news from Milwaukee, I thought about the weight of what I’d just seen. I thought of the impact this film will have on A Billion Lives and this generation.

Make it your passion to get your neighbors aware of this film. Get the word out any way you can.


If you think it should be free to see, go here.



Get A Billion Lives to YOUR city:




Find “A Billion Lives” on their website at:





A Billion Lives


Great interview by Herman Cain with Director Aaron Biebert:










ADDED 8/20/16


There IS more to come.

Keep ON #Vaping & FIGHTING on.


This is about a film entitled ‘A Billion Lives’.




I am more than honored to host & present this guest post from someone I have immense respect for.


Via Agent Ania: 


This is about a film entitled ‘A Billion Lives’.

This is not about who’s right and who’s wrong; this is not about who was included in a film and who wasn’t. It is about exposing governmental and societal systems that are actively working to prevent the spread of a life-saving phenomenon that could save a billion lives in this century. So this is about ‘A Billion Lives’. Get it?

First and foremost, this is about a film made by professionals. Professional writers, professional cinematographers, professional directors, professional producers. It was not created by a philanthropic organization, to be released as a public service announcement. It was created by people who are in a business (as in profit and loss, you know? as in they have a payroll to meet, you know?). In creating this film, they are doing an incredible service, and it is chilling to hear a certain segment of the vaping community suggest they should hand over the fruits of their labors to the world for free..

Unless you’ve spent your life handing over the fruits of your own labors to the world for free, shut up about this. If you can’t be arsed to buy a ticket to see this film, admit it and move on. Just don’t think that because you can’t be arsed to buy a ticket, you’re somehow owed a free viewing. The world doesn’t work that way, bucko.

If you claim to be a ‘big’ vaper and you’re annoyed you weren’t interviewed for the film, get over yourself. I imagine the director had some hard choices to make; you might want to think about whether in your case the choice was, in fact, hard. Hint: Humility is an admirable trait. Personally, I don’t give a damn about your ego. If you are one of *these* ‘big’ ego-bruised vapers, I don’t care about you.

If you are a YouTube product reviewer more interested in viewer count than the future of vaping, I really don’t care about you. Nor do I care about you if you’re a vendor who tweets about cloud-chasing contests and give-a ways and can’t be bothered to tweet about fighting an ideology and regulations that are putting your future business — an entire industry, in fact — in jeopardy.

What I care about is the finished product, the film that is ‘A Billion Lives.’

I care about the world seeing it and about the people who need to know learning from it. I care about the vapers who may be forced back to smoking against their will. I care about future smokers who may not be able to switch to vaping in the future, even though they’d have chosen to. I care about a film that will expose the hateful behemoth that is going to kill people who might have been saved. I especially care about the people who made this film, and the people who are actively supporting the film, who are willing to spend their hard-earned money to buy tickets to the film, who are voluntarily working to spread the word about the film and to get it into theaters nationwide.

If you are one of these people, you are one of a billion lives, and yes, I respect you, I admire you, and I certainly do care about you!

Agent Ania.


Thank you, Agent for your post.

You can find her here: @AgentAnia


The U.S. Premier of A Billion Lives is in

Milwaukee on August 6th.

Tickets are available here.


Find them on their website at:

Twitter: @ABillionLives




Thank you again, Agent.

There IS more to come.

Keep ON #Vaping & FIGHTING on.



You can’t do that any more.

prison flickr

You’ve been helping people choose to switch from tobacco. You’ve created jobs. Most owners I “know” have been inspired to create a business – to help others – because of how easy it was to switch to e-cigarettes for themselves. You chose to open a legitimate business. In the process, you’ve made friends, changed lives, and in fact saved lives.

You’ve given people hope by assisting in the choice to do what they, and you yourself have tried for years to accomplish. To stop smoking.

The Government has decided ruled you haven’t been doing your job properly. If you’re a business, and by business – I mean a real vape shop, paying overhead, insurance, taxes and abiding by the rules, this is what you’re facing.

I’ve said inspiration for each blog comes from many places and in this case, this is more of an impromptu guest blog by me for these two folks, and for all of you who are in this position. Shops are going to CLOSE.

I could not put into words what Skip & Tom Murray have penned below, and I wish I didn’t have to.



Via Tom & Skip Murray:

Effective Aug 8th!
Due to the FDA Deeming Regulations….
**** Disclaimer – I am not an attorney. Do not take this as any type of legal advice. Consult your own attorney for their interpretation of the FDA regs or ask the FDA directly yourself. What is below is what is happening in OUR shop, things may be different in YOUR shop.****

1) We can not build or install coils for you.
2) We can not set up your new equipment for you.
3) We can not repair your equipment for you.
4) We can not upgrade your mods software.
5) We can not fill your tank with liquid.
6) We will no longer have house liquids in bulk bottles. You can no longer have us mix flavors or do a custom nicotine level for you.
Doing any of the above would make us a tobacco manufacturer!

1) We can NOT let you sample liquids for free.
2) Our rewards program will change – NO more free bottles of liquid in exchange for points
3) We will NEVER again have a drawing for door prizes. (we don’t want somebody accusing us of giving away “free” tobacco products)
4) We can NOT give you a sticker or t-shirt or anything else as a promo or to make something right (no coils, no liquid, no chargers, nothing “free” from us. Again – don’t want to be accused of something being interpreted as a “free tobacco product” or violating any regulations to do with advertising.
Doing any of these things would make us a criminal – the FDA says
NO MORE FREEBIES OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS!!! All advertising must have warnings in a certain location and of a certain size.

We need YOUR help to fight for YOUR right to Vape!!!!
Please go to and become a member. It’s FREE!

The clock starts ticking August 8, 2016 – in 2 years, everything in this shop is illegal to sell, unless the manufacturer spends probably millions $ to TRY to get FDA approval. NOTHING in this shop is grandfathered in under the new regulations – NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING!
Please help lobby for ALL current products to be grandfathered in at:

As of August 8, 2016 – you will see no NEW products introduced into the USA Vaping Market. NONE – any new product will have to spend $millions on testing to TRY to get FDA approval. No new mods, no new tanks, no new RDA’s, and NO NEW E-LIQUIDS OR FLAVORS!!!!!!!!!!!

As of August 8, 2016 – we can not say “smoke free, healthier, alternative to smoking, safer, saves lives” or make any other statements about the safety or advantages to vaping over smoking. WE HAVE HAD OUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH TAKEN AWAY BY THE FDA! They say there is no PROOF to our claims, and such claims as a TOBACCO PRODUCT must be approved by the FDA.

As of August 8, 2016 EVERYTHING in our shop (except lanyards) IS A TOBACCO PRODUCT. If you are under the age of 27 – I will ask for your ID Every time you enter my shop, even if you are a regular customer. It will speed things up if you just show it to me when you get here.

Please join the legal battle to fight the FDA! Lawsuits have been filed. If you’ve got an extra couple of $$, please throw it in the bright orange donation bucket on the counter. The funds will go to the R2B Smokefree coalition’s legal fund. ‪#‎ABillionLives‬ are counting on you!!!

~ Tom Murray, Owner
JHT Vape – Brainerd
JHT Vape – Maplewood

PLEASE see this:





If you are making product in your basement and are a fly-by-night “vendor” who has chosen not to become a real business, not taken any risk and “doesn’t understand” the severity and weight portrayed above, get off my page and kiss my ass.

If you are part of the government and “happen” to see this blog, you can also kindly bob up and kiss my ass.



Thank you Skip & Tom Murray, for your gracious permission and allowing me the “Stealing, snagging, poaching, using, tweeting, screaming, blogging, stomping & generally making an ass of myself as usual” with the use of your facebook post.


Updated 9/15/16:

It is illegal to sell vaping products to minors as it is DEEMED by the F.D.A. a “tobacco product”.


Warning letters have been sent out here to fifty-five of those including Walgreen’s, in violation of underage sales.

Products MUST comply with the The Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act of 2015, via S.F.A.T.A..


Via Daniel Hall: You’re susceptible to JAIL TIME for quitting smoking in Pennsylvania


SUPPORT and SCREAM about A Billion Lives to EVERYONE.





THESE are national consumer and industry organizations in the United States who keep US informed.

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Did you know there’s a place covering ALL international e-cigarette topics every weekday?

Now you do.

Follow THEM here on twitter.

E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

If you are a Medical Professional  go HERE.

More to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.







National Tobacco Day




It took 499 pages of regulations for the Food and Drug Administration to really – do nothing  – except magically turn nicotine into tobacco, and take control.  That’s right, E-cigarettes AND components are now classified as tobacco according to the FDA.

Media blitzes of negative stories have subsided since regulations were released. It seems those “in charge” have achieved their goal. According to those regulations, even this blog can aspire to be a tobacco product.


  • E-liquids
  • A glass or plastic vial container of e-liquid
  • Cartridges
  • Atomizers
  • Certain batteries
  • Cartomizers and clearomizers
  • Digital display or lights to adjust settings
  • Tank systems
  • Drip tips
  • Flavorings for ENDS
  • Programmable software

From here at the FDA website:

Vaporizers, E-Cigarettes, and other Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)

Here, updated 9/24/16 is how – in part  – they achieved that goal:

How the FDA Manipulates the Media

Update 8/22/16:

THIS was tweeted in response to a question:

The full link is available if you click on it.






Let it be said, let it be deemed.


So August 8th, as nicotine becomes tobacco, I will refer to the date and its intent by the FDA as “National Tobacco Day”. It could also be Tobacco Harm Promotion day, but that’s been going on for years. I hope you’ll understand I cannot name each and every non-profit organization, politician, individual professional “expert” or government branch in the United States supporting tobacco use for the purpose of time and space. They know who they are. You thought it was about tobacco harm reduction, eh?

Time and space.

They thought e-cigs were a fad. Since the government didn’t see a threat, at first, there was no upheaval or need to do so – at first. They needed time – since 2009 – now stay with me – to change the minds of Americans – to create the lie illusion that nicotine is bad, addictive and that e-cigarettes are the same as combustible tobacco and of course, the goal was to change the classification of nicotine into tobacco.

Nicotine is not classified as tobacco in any approved  “pharmaceutical form” for cessation products. Huh. Those are made by elves.


Now nicotine is tobacco. The public thinks these organizations are swell. They care about kids. They are for one of two things. Smokers who will continue to pay the tax as they purchase cigarettes, or e-cigarette users who they now can collect their lost revenue from again on a product they deem tobacco. They get the one thing they wanted, and it isn’t “less smoking” or protecting children as they claim. They’ll still pretend they care about that, but it’s all about the money.

No answer yet from Robert Califf and his “extensive” rule to Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee . Seems after all this time, all the effort to regulate for the sake of public health, Califf cannot put answers to the questions. It seems with all the years in the making, answers would be simple to come up with, as the questions in the letter are not that hard:

1. The final rule notes that the FDA does “not currently have sufficient data about e-cigarettes and similar products to fully determine what effects they have on the public health.”  Further, the final rule states that “comments were divided on the safety and toxicity of e-liquids, e-cigarettes, and the exhaled aerosol.”

    1. Will the FDA issue a revised rule if there is sufficient data that finds that e-cigarettes are a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes?  Please explain.
    2. How is the FDA’s regulation of e-cigarettes not a premature restriction on an industry given the FDA’s admission that it does not have “sufficient data” about e-cigarettes to determine the effects on the public’s health?

2. Some stakeholders claim that the FDA’s rule on e-cigarettes will stifle innovation and result in the closure of many small businesses that create and sell e-cigarette products.

    1. Did the FDA determine how many e-cigarette businesses will be affected by the rule?  If not, why?
    2. If so, please provide that data.
    3. Of the e-cigarette businesses that will be affected by the rule, how many of those businesses does the FDA predict will exit the market as a result of the new requirements?

3. Has the FDA considered the unintended consequences if decreased access to e-cigarettes leads to increased consumption of traditional cigarette and tobacco products?  Please explain.

Please provide this material as soon as possible but no later than 5:00 p.m. on May 31, 2016.

No word on the FDA answering any questions yet. Maybe Califf is too busy counting money with all the corruption going on.


A second letter has been sent as of 6/6/16

Chairman Johnson Demands Answers from FDA on E-Cigarette Regulations

The choice of the Centers for Disease Control, Food & Drug Administration and politicians from Barbara Boxer to Richard Blumenthal along with influence and impact of lobbying by organizations including The American Medical Association, Cancer Society, Lung & Heart Association,  Tobacco Free Kids and ALL their subsidiaries and more have been planning “National Tobacco Day” since around 2009. Whew, that was a hell of a sentence.

Wear something nice, bring a friend. The date is August 8th.




A THIRD letter now has been sent:


THESE are national consumer and industry organizations in the United States who keep US informed.

You can find me here on Facebook

Did you know there’s a place covering ALL international e-cigarette topics every weekday?

Now you do.

Follow THEM here on twitter.

E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

If you are a Medical Professional  go HERE.

More to come!

Keep ON #Vaping On.


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