Improved lung function, lower infection rates with vaping products.

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The choice for smokers is becoming clearer for vaping products. Again. Within a week, two MORE studies have emerged. One shows improved lung function, the other – lower infection rates among users. While claiming they want harm reduction, organizations and government officials will ignore not be able to find these studies.

The Roswell Park Cancer Institute study was done in 2011 (?) and showed

“For 12 of 17 measured biomarkers, they found significant declines in exposure to toxicants when participants changed from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes. The decline in toxicant levels was similar to the decline seen among tobacco users who quit smoking.”


The other study, found on PubMed (included R. Polosa) stated

“High prevalence of cough/phlegm (43.1%) and shortness of breath (34.8%) was reported at baseline with substantial reduction in their frequency at subsequent follow-up visits. These symptoms virtually disappeared very quickly in both quitters and reducers.

Smokers invited to switch to electronic cigarettes who completely abstained from smoking showed steady progressive improvements in their FEF25-75% Normalization of peripheral airways function was associated with improvement in respiratory symptoms, adding to the notion that abstaining from smoking can reverse tobacco harm in the lung.”




How much longer will the FDA, American Heart, Cancer and Lung Associations and more hold out on lie and withhold this evidence when their “goal” is to reduce smoking?

How will these entities be held accountable?

How many more people will listen to their opinions and accept them as true?

How many will survive long enough to know the truth?

Rhetorical, I know.


This is from Jennifer Berger Coleman, who posed her results of her lung function tests in a Facebook group a week or so ago, and gave me permission to share. (Thank you, Jennifer!) She is also advocating her ass off with letters and talking with co-workers and more.

My favorite kind of anecdote.🙂





Don’t take MY word for better lung function –


Some of us like Jerry run MARATHONS



The Roswell Study is here.

The PRWeb release is here.

I can breathe again


Meanwhile the United States Food & Drug Administration is imposing the deeming rules that began August 8th, 2016 and is already being challenged in court.

PLEASE find more information here:

PLEASE know our enemies here.

PLEASE spread the word about A Billion Lives.



Could someone put a unicorn and some glitter on at least one of these studies and mimeograph them? I’d like Simon Chapman (quit or die) or Stanley Glantz (use approved products) to see the “symptoms virtually disappeared very quickly in both quitters and reducers” just to piss them off.

Paul has a great piece on Unicorns…

More to come!

Keep ON #Vaping On.




Photo courtesy Lindsay Fox.


A Billion Lives. Feel the passion, love your neighbor.



On the 6th of August, the North American Premier of A Billion Lives was scheduled to start at 8:00 P.M. in front of a SOLD OUT audience. Janice & I arrived at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee around 7:15 and the front doors were PACKED. The undercurrent of the crowd was electric and felt before we hit the door.

With great anticipation, we set foot into the sea of people. I guided my way towards the red carpet – to get a glimpse of who may be on it at the moment and realized almost everyone else was thinking the same thing, so –  on our way to the 2nd tier of the beautiful Pabst Theater we went to find our seats.



The electricity of the crowd outside was moving inward and upward in volume. Handshaking – high fives, hugs. Some sitting quietly. I was waiting for the lights to go out. I couldn’t see front rows below well enough to see if Herman Cain or Senator Ron Johnson had indeed come. Fidgety, I got up to grab a coke, checked the time and waited.



Aaron Biebert hit the stage, saying he’d gained about 1,400 friends that night in his hometown of Milwaukee. A bit beyond 8:00 – and the lights dimmed. In watching this film, I was struck with the imagery and tried, very hard, to imagine not knowing a thing. Trying to open my mind as I viewed it from a non-smoker, non-vaper point of view. I didn’t fail miserably, but nonetheless it was a task to try. You know what this movie is ~about~ but you’ll need to see it yourself to know…


If you’re looking for a “review” of the movie, I’ll say this. The flow and narrative of this movie is immaculate. The interviews and points with who is in it is essential – Bill Godshall (Smokefree Pennsylvania). Clive Bates. Dr. Farsalinos. MANY more.


David Goerlitz (The Former Winston Man) hits the screen and is is quite frankly, the thread of this film. It points to the bigger picture of tobacco control, government, public “health” and the corruption far better than I ever could have thought a film could, mightier than any blog I’ve tried to write. There were sharp hisses & boos on occasion as various suspects from the FDA, CDC and more reared their ugly heads on the big screen…


Is that the FIRE alarm? Son OF A…. yes, the fire alarm went off. Aaron grabbed the microphone & said something to the effect of ~ The FDA will stop at nothing to keep the truth from getting out… and with that ~ backed the movie up about five minutes.

Huge people in this film. HUGE points made in this film. The need for the country to see this film – – is nothing less than imperative.

Jan was tired and we slowly made our way down to the lobby – she went to the powder room so I checked the red carpet out – and the backdrop, seeing if anyone was around -I took a couple photos.




While I was doing that – suddenly David Goerlitz is coming around the corner – right in front of me. An all too brief but enjoyable encounter. I also caught Greg Conley coming out of the theater and got to shake his hand. I missed meeting SO many people I wanted to meet, but time & logistics got in the way. I thankfully got to meet a few others from Twitter & Facebook, but I’ll savor that in my own mind.

Instead of hitting the after-party,  we made our way back to the hotel… As I slumped in front of the nightly news from Milwaukee, I thought about the weight of what I’d just seen. I thought of the impact this film will have on A Billion Lives and this generation.

Make it your passion to get your neighbors aware of this film. Get the word out any way you can.


If you think it should be free to see, go here.



Get A Billion Lives to YOUR city:




Find “A Billion Lives” on their website at:





A Billion Lives


Great interview by Herman Cain with Director Aaron Biebert:










ADDED 8/20/16


There IS more to come.

Keep ON #Vaping & FIGHTING on.


This is about a film entitled ‘A Billion Lives’.




I am more than honored to host & present this guest post from someone I have immense respect for.


Via Agent Ania: 


This is about a film entitled ‘A Billion Lives’.

This is not about who’s right and who’s wrong; this is not about who was included in a film and who wasn’t. It is about exposing governmental and societal systems that are actively working to prevent the spread of a life-saving phenomenon that could save a billion lives in this century. So this is about ‘A Billion Lives’. Get it?

First and foremost, this is about a film made by professionals. Professional writers, professional cinematographers, professional directors, professional producers. It was not created by a philanthropic organization, to be released as a public service announcement. It was created by people who are in a business (as in profit and loss, you know? as in they have a payroll to meet, you know?). In creating this film, they are doing an incredible service, and it is chilling to hear a certain segment of the vaping community suggest they should hand over the fruits of their labors to the world for free..

Unless you’ve spent your life handing over the fruits of your own labors to the world for free, shut up about this. If you can’t be arsed to buy a ticket to see this film, admit it and move on. Just don’t think that because you can’t be arsed to buy a ticket, you’re somehow owed a free viewing. The world doesn’t work that way, bucko.

If you claim to be a ‘big’ vaper and you’re annoyed you weren’t interviewed for the film, get over yourself. I imagine the director had some hard choices to make; you might want to think about whether in your case the choice was, in fact, hard. Hint: Humility is an admirable trait. Personally, I don’t give a damn about your ego. If you are one of *these* ‘big’ ego-bruised vapers, I don’t care about you.

If you are a YouTube product reviewer more interested in viewer count than the future of vaping, I really don’t care about you. Nor do I care about you if you’re a vendor who tweets about cloud-chasing contests and give-a ways and can’t be bothered to tweet about fighting an ideology and regulations that are putting your future business — an entire industry, in fact — in jeopardy.

What I care about is the finished product, the film that is ‘A Billion Lives.’

I care about the world seeing it and about the people who need to know learning from it. I care about the vapers who may be forced back to smoking against their will. I care about future smokers who may not be able to switch to vaping in the future, even though they’d have chosen to. I care about a film that will expose the hateful behemoth that is going to kill people who might have been saved. I especially care about the people who made this film, and the people who are actively supporting the film, who are willing to spend their hard-earned money to buy tickets to the film, who are voluntarily working to spread the word about the film and to get it into theaters nationwide.

If you are one of these people, you are one of a billion lives, and yes, I respect you, I admire you, and I certainly do care about you!

Agent Ania.


Thank you, Agent for your post.

You can find her here: @AgentAnia


The U.S. Premier of A Billion Lives is in

Milwaukee on August 6th.

Tickets are available here.


Find them on their website at:

Twitter: @ABillionLives




Thank you again, Agent.

There IS more to come.

Keep ON #Vaping & FIGHTING on.



You can’t do that any more.

prison flickr

You’ve been helping people choose to switch from tobacco. You’ve created jobs. Most owners I “know” have been inspired to create a business – to help others – because of how easy it was to switch to e-cigarettes for themselves. You chose to open a legitimate business. In the process, you’ve made friends, changed lives, and in fact saved lives.

You’ve given people hope by assisting in the choice to do what they, and you yourself have tried for years to accomplish. To stop smoking.

The Government has decided ruled you haven’t been doing your job properly. If you’re a business, and by business – I mean a real vape shop, paying overhead, insurance, taxes and abiding by the rules, this is what you’re facing.

I’ve said inspiration for each blog comes from many places and in this case, this is more of an impromptu guest blog by me for these two folks, and for all of you who are in this position. Shops are going to CLOSE.

I could not put into words what Skip & Tom Murray have penned below, and I wish I didn’t have to.



Via Tom & Skip Murray:

Effective Aug 8th!
Due to the FDA Deeming Regulations….
**** Disclaimer – I am not an attorney. Do not take this as any type of legal advice. Consult your own attorney for their interpretation of the FDA regs or ask the FDA directly yourself. What is below is what is happening in OUR shop, things may be different in YOUR shop.****

1) We can not build or install coils for you.
2) We can not set up your new equipment for you.
3) We can not repair your equipment for you.
4) We can not upgrade your mods software.
5) We can not fill your tank with liquid.
6) We will no longer have house liquids in bulk bottles. You can no longer have us mix flavors or do a custom nicotine level for you.
Doing any of the above would make us a tobacco manufacturer!

1) We can NOT let you sample liquids for free.
2) Our rewards program will change – NO more free bottles of liquid in exchange for points
3) We will NEVER again have a drawing for door prizes. (we don’t want somebody accusing us of giving away “free” tobacco products)
4) We can NOT give you a sticker or t-shirt or anything else as a promo or to make something right (no coils, no liquid, no chargers, nothing “free” from us. Again – don’t want to be accused of something being interpreted as a “free tobacco product” or violating any regulations to do with advertising.
Doing any of these things would make us a criminal – the FDA says
NO MORE FREEBIES OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS!!! All advertising must have warnings in a certain location and of a certain size.

We need YOUR help to fight for YOUR right to Vape!!!!
Please go to and become a member. It’s FREE!

The clock starts ticking August 8, 2016 – in 2 years, everything in this shop is illegal to sell, unless the manufacturer spends probably millions $ to TRY to get FDA approval. NOTHING in this shop is grandfathered in under the new regulations – NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING!
Please help lobby for ALL current products to be grandfathered in at:

As of August 8, 2016 – you will see no NEW products introduced into the USA Vaping Market. NONE – any new product will have to spend $millions on testing to TRY to get FDA approval. No new mods, no new tanks, no new RDA’s, and NO NEW E-LIQUIDS OR FLAVORS!!!!!!!!!!!

As of August 8, 2016 – we can not say “smoke free, healthier, alternative to smoking, safer, saves lives” or make any other statements about the safety or advantages to vaping over smoking. WE HAVE HAD OUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH TAKEN AWAY BY THE FDA! They say there is no PROOF to our claims, and such claims as a TOBACCO PRODUCT must be approved by the FDA.

As of August 8, 2016 EVERYTHING in our shop (except lanyards) IS A TOBACCO PRODUCT. If you are under the age of 27 – I will ask for your ID Every time you enter my shop, even if you are a regular customer. It will speed things up if you just show it to me when you get here.

Please join the legal battle to fight the FDA! Lawsuits have been filed. If you’ve got an extra couple of $$, please throw it in the bright orange donation bucket on the counter. The funds will go to the R2B Smokefree coalition’s legal fund. ‪#‎ABillionLives‬ are counting on you!!!

~ Tom Murray, Owner
JHT Vape – Brainerd
JHT Vape – Maplewood

PLEASE see this:





If you are making product in your basement and are a fly-by-night “vendor” who has chosen not to become a real business, not taken any risk and “doesn’t understand” the severity and weight portrayed above, get off my page and kiss my ass.

If you are part of the government and “happen” to see this blog, you can also kindly bob up and kiss my ass.



Thank you Skip & Tom Murray, for your gracious permission and allowing me the “Stealing, snagging, poaching, using, tweeting, screaming, blogging, stomping & generally making an ass of myself as usual” with the use of your facebook post.



Via Daniel Hall: You’re susceptible to JAIL TIME for quitting smoking in Pennsylvania


SUPPORT and SCREAM about A Billion Lives to EVERYONE.





THESE are national consumer and industry organizations in the United States who keep US informed.

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E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

If you are a Medical Professional  go HERE.

More to come.

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National Tobacco Day




It took 499 pages of regulations for the Food and Drug Administration to really – do nothing  – except magically turn nicotine into tobacco, and take control.  That’s right, E-cigarettes AND components are now classified as tobacco according to the FDA.

Media blitzes of negative stories have subsided since regulations were released. It seems those “in charge” have achieved their goal. According to those regulations, even this blog can aspire to be a tobacco product.


  • E-liquids
  • A glass or plastic vial container of e-liquid
  • Cartridges
  • Atomizers
  • Certain batteries
  • Cartomizers and clearomizers
  • Digital display or lights to adjust settings
  • Tank systems
  • Drip tips
  • Flavorings for ENDS
  • Programmable software

From here at the FDA website:

Vaporizers, E-Cigarettes, and other Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)

Update 8/22/16:

THIS was tweeted in response to a question:

The full link is available if you click on it.






Let it be said, let it be deemed.


So August 8th, as nicotine becomes tobacco, I will refer to the date and its intent by the FDA as “National Tobacco Day”. It could also be Tobacco Harm Promotion day, but that’s been going on for years. I hope you’ll understand I cannot name each and every non-profit organization, politician, individual professional “expert” or government branch in the United States supporting tobacco use for the purpose of time and space. They know who they are. You thought it was about tobacco harm reduction, eh?

Time and space.

They thought e-cigs were a fad. Since the government didn’t see a threat, at first, there was no upheaval or need to do so – at first. They needed time – since 2009 – now stay with me – to change the minds of Americans – to create the lie illusion that nicotine is bad, addictive and that e-cigarettes are the same as combustible tobacco and of course, the goal was to change the classification of nicotine into tobacco.

Nicotine is not classified as tobacco in any approved  “pharmaceutical form” for cessation products. Huh. Those are made by elves.


Now nicotine is tobacco. The public thinks these organizations are swell. They care about kids. They are for one of two things. Smokers who will continue to pay the tax as they purchase cigarettes, or e-cigarette users who they now can collect their lost revenue from again on a product they deem tobacco. They get the one thing they wanted, and it isn’t “less smoking” or protecting children as they claim. They’ll still pretend they care about that, but it’s all about the money.

No answer yet from Robert Califf and his “extensive” rule to Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee . Seems after all this time, all the effort to regulate for the sake of public health, Califf cannot put answers to the questions. It seems with all the years in the making, answers would be simple to come up with, as the questions in the letter are not that hard:

1. The final rule notes that the FDA does “not currently have sufficient data about e-cigarettes and similar products to fully determine what effects they have on the public health.”  Further, the final rule states that “comments were divided on the safety and toxicity of e-liquids, e-cigarettes, and the exhaled aerosol.”

    1. Will the FDA issue a revised rule if there is sufficient data that finds that e-cigarettes are a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes?  Please explain.
    2. How is the FDA’s regulation of e-cigarettes not a premature restriction on an industry given the FDA’s admission that it does not have “sufficient data” about e-cigarettes to determine the effects on the public’s health?

2. Some stakeholders claim that the FDA’s rule on e-cigarettes will stifle innovation and result in the closure of many small businesses that create and sell e-cigarette products.

    1. Did the FDA determine how many e-cigarette businesses will be affected by the rule?  If not, why?
    2. If so, please provide that data.
    3. Of the e-cigarette businesses that will be affected by the rule, how many of those businesses does the FDA predict will exit the market as a result of the new requirements?

3. Has the FDA considered the unintended consequences if decreased access to e-cigarettes leads to increased consumption of traditional cigarette and tobacco products?  Please explain.

Please provide this material as soon as possible but no later than 5:00 p.m. on May 31, 2016.

No word on the FDA answering any questions yet. Maybe Califf is too busy counting money with all the corruption going on.


A second letter has been sent as of 6/6/16

Chairman Johnson Demands Answers from FDA on E-Cigarette Regulations

The choice of the Centers for Disease Control, Food & Drug Administration and politicians from Barbara Boxer to Richard Blumenthal along with influence and impact of lobbying by organizations including The American Medical Association, Cancer Society, Lung & Heart Association,  Tobacco Free Kids and ALL their subsidiaries and more have been planning “National Tobacco Day” since around 2009. Whew, that was a hell of a sentence.

Wear something nice, bring a friend. The date is August 8th.




A THIRD letter now has been sent:


THESE are national consumer and industry organizations in the United States who keep US informed.

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Did you know there’s a place covering ALL international e-cigarette topics every weekday?

Now you do.

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E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

If you are a Medical Professional  go HERE.

More to come!

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A Three Year Journey, Times Two.


My story is like most everyone else in the journey to “not smoking” with an e-cig. I didn’t plan on smoking as a kid, surely none of us did. But – I did. Starting around the age of 9 or so with the neighbor kids –  and like many, easily swiping cigarettes from my Father. “Old Gold 100’s”. I’d only grab two or three at first… didn’t want him to miss any of them.



I didn’t realize I could’ve taken more and he probably would’ve thought he smoked them. He eventually switched to Raleigh 100’s…  well, I wasn’t having that.

I was already rather fond of the Old Golds.


Looking back – it was pretty simple to go to the convenience store even at that age  – and purchase a pack of cigarettes. I was playing Pee-Wee football and would smoke on the way to & from practice. I’d smoke while doing my paper route…. you know ….

I got caught once at about 13. Dad said, “Want to be a man? You’ll smoke a mans cigar!” I was required to smoke – and yes inhale – a rum soaked cigar – with my father – who coincidentally put his out after about 1/3rd of it was gone…  I on the other hand, smoked mine to the nub between going green. If it went OUT, he said I’d have to smoke another one. Yes I was sick as a dog. No, it didn’t deter me from smoking. I certainly learned my lesson about cigars, though.

Once I had become “allowed” to smoke at 16, with a job and a die-hard fan of Marlboro Lights… the habit was set into motion.


Married to my wife in 1992- she was a smoker as well. I continued the long standing family tradition of smoking,  I’d moved brands by this time, what with a family planned, those faithful coupons weren’t as tempting as they once were, Doral became the brand of choice for price – and taste. Sort of.


Here I was escorting my Gram in to a wedding reception – with her cigarette case in hand. Something about that woman. NEVER met a stranger. She was a rock. She smoked Pall Mall non-filters all my life, and I joked that she was ~ more a man than I’d ever be ~ for doing so. When she did quit smoking, she did it cold turkey. Gram developed lung cancer 15 years after she stopped smoking. I miss her dearly.


Time does fly, along come the kids in 1995 & 1998. Having no health issues myself – thankfully, I kept on smoking – as did the wife.

Guilt set in a little….as a parent, when you’ve got monkeys running around, there’s bound to be some sense of “gottaquit”. The gum & patch, for a lack of better descriptions were used and tossed like the idea of quitting 15 times – or more, and of course it was “for the children™”.


Well into my late 30’s, friends “my age” were starting to pass away. “Smoking related” or not, My own mortality was setting in a bit. You remember – looking at your cigarette thinking – I need to quit.

I’d had their tails removed at birth, but the monkeys were getting older.

Along comes a family event, and all of us had not been together in the same place at the same time in years. Some have or had stopped smoking on their own since with a patch, gum or other methods. At the time of this photo, 5 of the 8 you see here were still smokers.


September 2011


October 2011

 Somewhere between 2010 & 2013 – I’d “heard” of e-cigarettes…and I believe it was the FDA seizure story – don’t remember exactly “what it was”, but ppppffffft… nothing else worked – besides, the kids were getting older, and I was set to be a life-long smoker. As a co-worker pointed out to me as I smoked two cigarettes to his one on a break one day, I was a “professional smoker”.


May 22rd, 2013. The week of a Nashville wedding, I decided to get a Krave brand “cigalike”. I couldn’t smoke in my work truck and thought – what the hell –

The disposable worked so well, I got two kits the next day, May 23rd, 2013 – and so did my wife. Accidentally. I wasn’t planning on quitting – neither was she. We’d stopped smoking in under 48 hours.

Jan & I were the only one at the gathering in the family to “still smoke”, and with our kits in hand – these cigalikes – were working.

These are the first two photos of me as a non-smoker during that week and didn’t even know it. Neither of us happened to “dual use”. We just stopped smoking. A month later we had ego style kits and had long forgotten we were smokers. Accidentally. This was me three years ago.


My “Great-Niece”!


My Niece!


With my head in the sand deeper than others, I was b a r e l y on social media. I was dumb & happy – not knowing what evil there was online. I didn’t have a twitter account. I only had family and friends on Facebook – pretty normal – uneventful. More than a year later – towards the end of 2014, I was looking up something about something – and found twitter –  within a couple months I was in the thick of “Oh, my”.

These people are supposed to be professionals in charge and they’re acting like idiots.

Wow, they need to understand vaping works!!! How dare they!!! Those people led to the start of this blog. That led to this survey. (who I adore) placed it on their site – and that led to many other things including the worldwide fight….


Dad & I in 2006. At almost 70, the absolute die-hard smoker he was – quit cold turkey.

Still craved them, but he had quit.

He knew I had quit with an e-cigarette before he died of lung cancer at 71 in September of 2015.


I’ve been writing on Blasting News – any of you can – in order to have another outlet for getting the worlds attention about #ecigs –  besides using this blog.

Now, 41 articles into it, (almost all vaping articles), I’ve decided 5% of monthly net earnings from all Blasting News ecig articles will go to an advocacy group (non profit) of my choice starting in June 2016. (Sharing is caring).

You can find / follow me on Blasting News.

I’ve created a page you can like instead of “joining” Blasting News (hint-hint) on Facebook where I’ll post every article (and blog) as well.

Of all the things I’ve enjoyed about my journey is that my wife Janice – accidentally quit with me. She didn’t have to. She chose to. A three year journey – times two.


I’ve had opportunity and engagement with most of you who may read this via Twitter & Facebook – every bit of it positive, educational and with some, very personal. I’ve learned more – and still learn daily – from you all. For that, and your friendships, I am forever grateful.


There’s MUCH more to fight for, and more to do!

More to come!


Keep ON #Vaping On.


FDA: You’ve got questions, “it” mocks you with answers!


The FDA made their business decision(s) about e-cigarettes long ago, and brilliantly convinced the public at large of the “government stance” on e-cigarettes. Now, appearances must be kept up. My assessment is that the intern – crack staff –  Mitch Zeller – can’t do anything but give canned responses to anything.

When “the government” – as an entity with no emotion, feeling or common sense – takes the stance that “ecig regulations are about public health”, they’re lying to the public. Regulations on e-cigarettes are without question or debate, a fiscal decision. What the FDA and “government” will not recognize refuses to recognize is – while they’ve already  made the decision, they’re failing smokers, and making a mockery of people’s lives.


On to the frivolity!

If you ask the FDA twitter account a question in a tweet –@FDATobacco “it” will may respond. Maybe. Seems ~it~ is temper mental with the information. Not giving real world answers, there are obvious, no.. oblivious, no insidious just answers ready to go when it wants to.

An agent (who shall remain nameless)🙂, has compiled this list of “responses” from our favorite FDATobacco ‘bot’ on Twitter. I’ve placed a random answer from the FDA “bot” below each “question” directly from the Twitter account. It’s kind of like playing “Jeopardy”. Some answers don’t correspond to the “question” or comment –  although the answers were obviously responded to by “keywords”.



(Don’t bother asking FDA, just find the answer below that most closely answers your question.)

Answer :

“After reviewing comments & scientific evidence, FDA sees no appropriate public health justification to exclude premium cigars”

Now it’s not –just the @FDATobacco twitter account, it’s also the @US_FDA account.



All tobacco products are potentially harmful & addictive. Those who do not use tobacco products should continue to abstain


Consumers used #ecigs w/out knowing ingredients, production practices & potential danger. Regulation allows consumer education


#Ecig regulations aren’t a ban; they allow manufacturers to apply to have #ecigs brought to, or stay on, the market.


#Ecigs contain nicotine derived from tobacco so they are a “tobacco product” & are regulated as one


Exposure to nicotine during adolescence can make it easier for youth to get addicted to nicotine.


FDA’s mission is to protect Americans from #tobacco-related disease & death. Regulation will have a positive impact.


It’s never safe for youth to use any tobacco products.


Please refer to our small business guidelines for newly regulated products:


Regulating all tobacco products will have a positive impact on the nation’s health. That is the motivation for this action.


Regulation allows FDA to fully understand the public health impact of the use of newly regulated products.


Regulation helps FDA discern impact of newly-regulated tobacco products on cessation, dual-use, & transition to other products.


Regulation & the PMTA pathway allow FDA to receive info on ingredients in newly regulated products.


Science-based regulation helps reduce the public health burden of tobacco use by requiring premarket review of new products.


Some ecigs contain nicotine. Exposure to nicotine during adolescence can make it easier for youth to get addicted to nicotine


The FDA lacks the authority to change the grandfather date as the law is written


The new rule does not eliminate any class of currently marketed tobacco products, including e-cigarettes


The new rule includes provisions for small-scale tobacco product manufacturers (<150 employees & <$5 mil annual revenue).


The rule provides pathways for #ecig manufacturers to apply for authorization to sell their products:


To protect public health, all #tobacco products are being regulated to ensure they are in compliance with safety standards


Under the Tobacco Control Act, FDA may not eliminate any class of tobacco products


We share statistics and findings from credible sources. You can view the sources for the new rule here:


Didn’t find an answer that fits your question? Is the answer to your question too embarrassing for FDA to state publicly. Then this is the answer for you:


Great question–we’d like to answer your question in depth. Please contact CTP at or 1-877-287-1373



Bottom line? The FDA is giving the illusion of engagement. Typical government propaganda.

You may get an answer to your question, but, my fair weathered fellow twitter friends, like David Goerlitz, the “Former Winston Man” already said in 2014…it’s long been decided.


“It” is following a script.

You’ll do as you’re told.



“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ― George Orwell

It’s not like there is any

corruption going on at the FDA.


Below is a list I compiled – retracted – of what was used mentioning “e-cigarettes” in the US regulations.

(Reasonably obtainable scientific, technical, economic and other information)

The FDA’s complete list is here in Section “XXII” References: page 443).

While there were “279 sections” within section XXII, I wanted to see exactly WHAT references they used with e-cigarettes only,  a couple links I tried were ALREADY going to “dead links” –   One from (dead link) Health Canada and one from (dead link) Senator Malarkey Merkley.


Here is my PDF of Ecigarette studies mentioned in the USA regulations:

Here is a “DropBox” version:




If you’re new to or considering vaping as an alternative to tobacco and want research:

E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

 If you are a Medical Professional  go HERE.


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Keep ON #Vaping On.

The Vaping Consumers Freakin’ Never Ending To DO list.

To DO.jpg

Feeling out of the loop? Just a little overwhelmed? Not sure which ride to ride lately? There’s been a roller coaster of fun and frivolity in the past few weeks in the vaping world. The fight is FAR from over.


Everyone can do THIS for the UK:

We support the Parliamentary moves to block crazy e-cigarette regulations


After the US Food and Drug Administration released it’s regulations to deem e-cigarettes as tobacco here: 2016-10685……

Nicopure filed a lawsuit found here: Halo E-liquids challenge to CTP Deeming.

Here is their press release: Nicopure Labs Challenges the FDA’s Deeming Rule

The Royal College of Physicians have released their “Nicotine Without Smoke” report here, where they are ENCOURAGING vaping as an alternative.

Nicotine Without Smoke.

A Billion Lives  had their WORLD premier in New Zealand at the Doc Edge Festival, reviews are already coming in here and here.

Speaking of corruption:

In April, the FORMER FDA Commissioner along with Johnson & Johnson (Makers of Nicorette and MANY other drugs) were charged with “conspiracy, racketeering & colluding to conceal deadly drug dangers – under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations law (RICO) law”. That story from April via the website AHRP is here.

That, although not directly connected with e-cigarettes YET, is intriguing, because HAMBURG was the Commissioner who was appointed by Obama, and already has a track record of abuse of power, and was directly involved IN the regulation process. Conflict of interest in the start of the regulations on e-cigarettes – in my opinion.

Just before she “retired” is here.


That said, now the new FDA head, Robert Califf, was NOT nominated in 2009, and Hamburg was. Why? I’m not sure I can type this with a straight face after knowing Hamburg had so much integrity, but Califf evidently has no ties or interest whatsoever to act any way but above board and professional in his role….in regulations… to make vaping products tobacco products…. because it’s in the interest of “public” health….


Wait a MINUTE….

according to Wikipedia:


Tell me with a straight face

he’s not continuing the “good work” Hamburg had already done in so many facets of corruption – costing LIVES – and is just  – placing his signature on it….now that he’s ” in ” to take her place in the corruption. I’ll use the big health, pharma and government’s favorite use of the word “may” in my next statement:

Califf, with his well known ties to “pharmafia” MAY lead to more corruption. After all, there MAY be influence from his former consultation work with Johnson & Johnson. That MAY seem a bit far fetched… but hell, pigs MAY fly and of course, nicotine MAY be addictive, right?


Corruption in the ongoing course of these regulations are going to be uncovered. Meanwhile, you’re now using a tobacco product.

David Goerlitz said it in August 2014:



If you’re in the United States, and you vape, there are no excuses for you not to act.



Make yourself known in this fight. JOIN CASAA.

Next, have your spouse join. ANYONE else you know that vapes… have them do the same.




I’m all for surveys.

Data is data is DATA.

If you’re in the United States,

Do this survey from Nicotine Surveys.Org


Subscribe to this awesome group: – and before you say you’re not in the United Kingdom, trust my encouragement. They cover the world of e-cigarette & vaping news. Good and bad, you get informed. Win/Win.


I did a guest post on their site on the differences between the FDA and their troubles with the Tobacco Products Directive here.




Finally, if you have ANY questions, feeling confused, or would like “guidance” regarding the regulations put in place, please call “Mitch Zeller, J.D., Director, Center for Tobacco Products” and his crack staff with any questions about the US regulations.

They’re “eager” to help in the interest of “public health”.



If you’re new to or considering vaping as an alternative to tobacco and want research:

E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

 If you are a Medical Professional  go HERE.



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Ex-FDA Commissioner faces RICO charges, helped form e-cig regulations

Vaping consumer, industry organizations react to FDA e-cig regulations


FDA regulations ignite lawsuit as battle over vaping ensues

Royal College of Physicians endorse vaping as less harmful alternative to smoking

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Keep ON #Vaping On.

The most important things.


I’ll keep this shorter than my usual tirades. Suddenly, something is amiss. The FDA has released their regulations. They have classified nicotine as a TOBACCO product. The FDA has decided deemed what is best for you and “public health”.

Claiming they are “protecting the youth” of the country, the FDA has now gained the well-being control of the American public and the nicotine market. The regulations to classify nicotine as a tobacco product do not give THEM the authority to tax it as tobacco, rest assured, that’s coming nationwide. (Already has in some spots).

As an added bonus, you are now classified as tobacco users. Your insurance can now legally charge you that nifty tobacco surcharge. Looking for a new job? Now you’re a “tobacco user“, so you may not qualify.

We can trust the FDA, right?

Former FDA Commissioner Charged in RICO Lawsuit



Across the pond

The Royal College of Physicians released their report

endorsing vaping, although not “perfect”, some media coverage was given. It is being completely ignored by the United States dictatorship Government.

Are you baffled?




Pissed off?

Good. Now do something about it. Get your bat. If you haven’t already, join CASSA.

Join the Vaping Militia.

This is the “petition” you need to act on, encouraging your family members and friends is a must.

Petition Your Legislator NOW to Support HR 2058!




If you’re in ANY vape shop in the United States and they aren’t telling you about this, find out WHY they are not talking informing you and EVERY customer.

If your local/online vape shop is not a member of at LEAST one state or national industry organization to contribute to this FIGHT, cease doing business with them.



Walk away. Find one that is.


A Billion Lives

With great anticipation, A Billion Lives will premier their documentary 11 May, 2016 at the Doc Edge festival in New Zealand.  Corruption:




The U.S. Government is FAILING smokers who want to quit.

The Royal College of Physicians have ENDORSED vaping.

Here are the deeming U.S. “regulations“.



Please, if you’re in the USA, take this survey

I strongly suggest Mit Brickman’s “Rise of the adults in vaping“.


More to come.

Keep ON #Vaping On.



Vaping & the R.I.C.O. Act


It’s not often we hear of R.I.C.O. charges being brought in the U.S.A., and when they are, it’s usually in the form of hardened criminals. In the news- in the United States – Margaret Hamburg, the former Commissioner of the Federal Drug Administration, has been charged with “conspiracy, racketeering & colluding to conceal deadly drug dangers – under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations law (RICO) law.”

This is not a local bust from your local news about an official just taking a bribe, this is a full blown, out of control and over the top set or sets of charges. These are criminal – and federal charges.Criminal acts. I’ll get back to that in a minute.

Initially signed into law by President Nixon, the R.I.C.O. Act was designed to “prosecute the Mafia as well as others who were actively engaged in organized crime.” For the world outside the United States to hear the term “R.I.C.O. Act”, it may not make any sense. Here is the condensed version of R.I.C.O. Act for you who don’t know.


Welcome to America:

Hamburg, former Commissioner of the Federal Drug Administration – resigned – last year. Seems the e-cigarette battle at the FDA wasn’t all she was fighting or hiding from. What else was she protecting?

FDA chief exits as e-cig fight smolders


For the past couple years – back and forth on Twitter, mentions of the blatant misinformation lies spewed from official sounding people here, here & here (plenty more where those come from) in the United States has been referred to by myself and others as “criminal intent.” R.I.C.O. status, in fact. Just my opinion, but when there are ulterior motives to protect funding or income from being disrupted, lies are imminent, lives are at stake.

What is it they are protecting? Certainly it isn’t the public. In this instance with Hamburg, she was protecting her own investments – and imagine who she was helping, among others, Johnson & Johnson, also being charged.

Seems she may have coined the phrase “wild, wild west.”

“With FDA having no authority to regulate these products, it is a little bit of the wild, wild west,” FDA Commissioner Margaret A. Hamburg said in a press call.


According to the Alliance For Research Protection article:

“Defendant Brown’s annual income, not coincidentally, increased from a reported $10 million in 2008 to an estimated $125 million in 2011 and an estimated $90 million in 2012, due in whole or in part to Defendants’ racketeering conspiracy to withhold information about the devastating, life threatening, and deadly effects of Levaquin.”



Hang her high, I say.

Well, maybe not hanging….  that is, after all a figure of speech.


Here’s the full story within DrMa’s tweet:



At a MINIMUM, organizations and “experts” are breaking the law with “may, could, might” and so on in the United States. What’s this got to do with vaping, Kevin? (I heard you ask a minute ago).

With that, I point you directly to more misinformation misconduct to the pubic.

In the graphic above –  underlined is the word “omitting”.

That’s “misconduct” and probably gets someone a slap on the wrist.

Below – this “trend” is so severe, there is an article about just that.

“Omitting such health-relevant information for consumers of such products effectively blindfolds them and impairs their making informed personal choices.”

Withholding differential risk information on legal consumer nicotine/tobacco products: The public health ethics of health information quarantines

If you’re in doubt as to what length these morons will go to protect income, funding, or their way to make a living to convince people to keep smoking…. you need to start here:

If you’re new to or considering vaping as an alternative to tobacco and want research:

E-cigarette Research is HERE.

MORE e-cigarette research is also HERE.

 If you are a Medical Professional  go HERE.

MANY Links are to the left and right of this blog! Please see them!

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Always a work in progress-

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More to come!


Keep ON #Vaping On.


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